Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 3) – Campaign Wonder


Transitioning from Catwoman to Robin was extremely daunting at first.  On first impression I did not like how Robin moved, or some of the gadgets that he had, however once I started to figure out his combat strategies I quickly became rather attached.

He has a multitude of innovative objectives such as “take down two Henchmen with two separate walls”.  While honestly at first I was so annoyed because I could not figure out how to do it, I eventually started to see patterns emerging and managed to blow away two baddies.  While I should have already started seeing patterns from playing with Batman and Catwoman, I guess I just really didn’t notice it until I was Robin. When you complete a certain objective with Robin, it is immensely rewarding because of the planning and strategy that goes into it.  It’s not like Catwoman’s “hit three armed guards” objective which was rather irritating.

Robin has gadgets similar to Batman in every sense.  He has Shurikens which is an exact copy of the Batarang, Remote Shurikens, Smoke Pellets.   He has Zip-Kick which is similar to the Bat-Claw except you fly towards your enemy at an exponential rate to kick him.  He is also armed with Explosive Gel just like batman but there are two gadgets that really take the cake and escalate Robin to a whole new level of awesome.


The snap flash gadget is a bomb that you place on a Henchman which explodes and then stuns the enemy.  You can use this gadget rather quickly by mastering the short cuts keys and immediately stunning an enemy with the snap flash.  But not only can it stun one enemy, you can stun (the most I stunned was five) nearly everyone if you get them all to one guard.  In the map End of the Line (Extreme), one of your objectives is to stun three enemies with one snap flash or something along those lines.  I tell you, placing that snap flash on an enemy, taking him down when no ones looking, running to safety, watching these goons all surround this one body and then…….BOOM! Five enemies just go flying.  It really is something.

robin shield

The other awesome gadget is Robins shield.  Not only does it look cool, it works.  When you use the shield you can withstand a limited amount of damage being fired from the front but obviously not from the sides or back.  This really gives you a bit of breathing room when it comes to tight quarter combat and you need a few seconds to think.  But the Shield isn’t just there to protect you.  You can also use Shield Bash, to knock enemies away.  If there happens to be a ledge right behind them then that’s even more rewarding.

I actually had a blast with Robin, it was clever and fun and I feel that every super hero now needs a shield.

Here is a video showing off one of the campaigns.  I do not own this video but it did help me out a lot so thanks to The1stChubasa for uploading it.

To think I did all this just for one little trophy….My wife is questioning my sanity.

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