Pain & Gain (2013) A Casual Review



pain-and-gain-poster-final-posterI went into this movie not knowing at all what it was about.  I like Mark Walhberg and I like Dwayne Johnson.  OK, i guess I’m lying, i new they were body builders but that’s it.

So this film is about three body builders who want to live the American dream, but don’t have the patience or work ethic to do so.

Mark Walhberg plays the main character Daniel Lugo who while training a new client decides to rip this guy off so bad and practically steal his life.  He enlists the help of fellow body builder Adrian Doorbal (played by Anthony Mackie) and ex-con, christian, body builder Paul Doyle (played by Dwayne Johnson).  

This film is ridiculously funny.  Mark Walhberg is brilliant playing the goofy, never thinks anything through master mind.  Dwayne Johnson and his more sensitive side is a breath of fresh air with regards to everything we’ve been seeing him in lately and Anthony Mackie is just so funny, that you can’t resist laughing out loud.

Anything that these guys plan always seem to fall apart, and every decision they make, makes you cringe because you know it’s a bad decision.  It’s almost like the three stooges meets The Heist.  Watching these guys react to everything falling apart is mind numbingly funny.

My favorite line is from Dwayne Johnson:  “…J***s C****t has given me so many gifts.  One of them, to knock you the F**K out!”

For a Michael Bay film, what a master piece.  I only saw one explosion in that whole movie.  This is where he can truly strut his stuff.  I don’t need anymore Transformers or gigantic explosions or the world blowing up.  This was a movie where Bay is back to his roots.  Put Transformers on hold and get to working on Bad Boys 3 because this is where your talent lies.

On a serious note, this film is based on a true story.  Yes you read that right.  These were actual people who committed these crimes and although the film has probably exaggerated a few things to fit the movie, please don’t forget that actual people were hurt but at the same time don’t let this fact ruin the humor of the movie.

If you enjoy dark comedies and have a twisted sense of humor i suggest this.

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