Resistance 3 (PS3) A Casual Review

Resistance 3 coverI’ve never been much of a first person shooter, so I’ve generally stayed away from them and don’t enjoy leaving my comfort zone.  I guess I was kind of sick of all the Call of Battlefield’s out there.  Don’t get me wrong I completely understand that there are a few solid  treasures in the first person market like Singularity, Bulletstorm, Crysis but unfortunately most of these recycled shooters always leave me wanting more, and I always end up getting less,  because of this I’m resistant to try any new shooter especially on a console as I’ve been brought up to play these games strictly on PC.

With that said, i can safely say that I am a fool and should really start opening up my tastes a bit.  If we never experience new things how we will we know that we like them?

Resistance 3 has left such a mark on me in a very profound way.  The game is nothing special in terms of innovation and yet at the same time it will forever be a learning experience for me personally.

Resistance 3 is the third installment in the trilogy and focus’s on an aliens species called the Chimera who are invading earth.   The world has become a desolate wasteland and the United States is the last line of defense against the invasion.   You play as Joseph Capelli, a soldier who was dishonorably discharged in the previous game.  Joseph, His wife Susan and his son Jack stay in Haven, Oklahoma with other survivors hiding out from the Chimera.  But everything changes one day when a Terra-former appears and starts destroying chunks of town.  From this point Joseph is thrust into a situation where he has no choice but to fight, for himself and for his family.  In order to make sure his son has a better life he treks all the way to New York assisting a professor who believes he knows how to stop the Chimera.


I found myself really enjoying this game because unlike Call of Battlefield this story had a character that i could relate to and empathize with.  This was a man who was just trying to protect his family, shoved into extraordinary circumstances but does what he needs to do in order to preserve that last shred of humanity that is left, all for a better tomorrow.  I truly cared about Joseph and was eager to see him succeed or die knowing that he died  protecting his family.

For a console shooter the controls are fantastic.  The response is good and sensitivity on the aiming is perfect.  I had my doubts that I would be able to play but this is probably the most smoothest FPS game I’ve ever played on the PS3.  The levels are nothing to write home about, like i said earlier the United States is a wasteland so there’s always destruction but never boring or too much.  It almost feels like I’m playing a game based on Falling skies but set in the 50′ s.  One man just trying to survive an alien invasion while trying to look after and protect his family.  Throw in a few more dramatic moments and you have Falling Skies the game.

Joseph Punch

I really enjoyed my experience with this title and look forward to catching up with the first two and if you haven’t tried it yet, i really suggest you do, it might just surprise you.


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