Journey (PS3)


Last week i finally got to experience the game Journey only on the PS3.  Since this game was released for download on PSN I’ve really wanted to experience it.  Every person that i have spoken to that has played this game had such wonderful things to say about it.

So when Sony finally released it onto disc i had to get it.  I bought the collectors edition which has Journey, Flow and Flower all from That Game Company and each of these games have been critically acclaimed.

In Journey there is only one objective.  Travel to the mountain peak.  Along the way you will you will learn about the civilization that you are a part of.  You might even meet a few other travelers along the way and share the experience.  Journey Multiplayer

It is a beautifully created world.  From sand to snow, everything is absolutely stunning.  Everything incorporated in this game is delicately intertwined and works well.  There is no advance control scheme.  You’ll mostly be jumping, gliding and walking, collecting cloth’s to extend your gliding capabilities.  Journey Sun

It’s a very short game but well worth the money because Journey is so much more than just a video game.  It’s an emotional investment and something that should be experienced by every gamer out there.



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