How to: Reset & Configure A D-Link DWL-3200AP Wireless Access Point

Dlink DWL 3200AP

So today, I had to setup a network using a D-Link DWL-3200 AP Wireless Access Point.  This is a guide on how to setup the WAP (Wireless Access Point) onto an already existing network and as always all links will be provided on the article. Continue reading “How to: Reset & Configure A D-Link DWL-3200AP Wireless Access Point”

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) A Casual Review


When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.


I’ve never really been a “Trekfan but i watched the first of the rebooted series and i didn’t dislike it but i thought the story was underdeveloped.

Star Trek Into Darkness follows the same path but manages to exceed the the amount of absolute bullshit and stale story and direction in general to a whole new level and oh so many lens flares.

I found the characters to be incredibly boring and one dimensional and the drama is short lived by the very fact that nobody really has anything to loose.  There’s no real tension or impending doom and the main villain had such a short amount of screen time that whatever he did just seemed to be because he could.  Maybe I missed something important during a conversation but then in my defense the script was so bland that it was nearly impossible to follow.

Also there was a scene where the admirals daughter was for some weird reason in her underwear, not for long mind you, and while it was a nice change to be interested for at least five seconds i don’t think it was necessary to have her all of sudden stripped to her lingerie.  What did that have to do with anything?  Was their a love story there?  I honestly didn’t pick up on one.

They had so many moments for character relationships to develop but it was completely squandered by “all of sudden!” moments and then nothing gets finished.

But on the positive side the visuals were really good.  There is a scene where Kirk and Khan have to jump from one ship to another through a debris of junk in space.  That whole scene was brilliant in look and style.  Really awesome stuff.  The other was Spock giving a speech on why he chooses not to feel but that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care.  I really liked the fact that he was expressing himself in a way that wasn’t robotic.  Benedict Cumberbatch was really impressive as Khan.  It must be the voice or something.  Ever since Loki i think villains are way cooler when they are skinny with an English accent.

This is what makes me question J.J.Abrams ability to direct Star Wars Episode VII.  I’ve never really enjoyed anything that he’s directed and i worry based on all his films specifically Star Trek Into Darkness, if Star Wars will be able to retain its magic.

Here’s hoping

Gamescom 2013 Press Conferences

gamescom 2013


Did you miss out on Gamescom 2013?  If your answer is yes, then don’t stress.  Here at Gamers Therapy I  have compiled both conferences from Microsoft and Sony including a Sony Q&A panel, plus the games I’m most looking forward to come the PS4 and Xbox One.


Sony Conference: 

Sony Q&A

Sony Exclusives:


Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer

Killzone Mercenary

Little Big Planet Hub

Infamous Second Son “Fetch”

The Order 1886

Microsoft Conference:

Microsoft Exclusives:

Titanfall Gameplay Demo

While it does look like I’m Sony biased based upon the videos let me assure you that I’m not.  Titanfall is the only Xbox One Exclusive I’m looking forward to.

Batman Arkham City: A Journey (Part 2) – Campaign Kitty

Catwoman main

Just over a week has gone by since my post about getting the platinum trophy and my desire to continue my quest for one hundred percent completion in Batman:  Arkham City.

As Batman, I was slightly slow but fierce with an arsenal of gadgets at my disposal.  My trusty utility belt has never come in handy quite so often as it did in the campaign modes.

But as Catwoman, geez…she is rather limited and exceptionally frustrating.  With only three gadgets tucked somewhere in her leather skin tighties this was a challenge that I am glad is over.

Only having three weapons from your inventory really raises the stakes.  You have caltrops, your whip and bolas (like Batmans batarangs only insignificant).  I’m not trying to sell her short in anyway….oh wait, no, yes I am.  Is she agile?  Sure.  Is she fast?  Definitely.  Then why the disdain for her?  Although she is quick and can run right up to enemies without them hearing, at the same time i found her to be extremely slow and stiff with regards to turning or changing direction.  Jumping from gargoyle to ledge was nearly impossible unless you are standing in the right spot and I’m pretty sure a water balloon could kick her ass.

Some of the more frustrating levels that i had experienced was End Of The Line (Extreme) and Top Of The World (Extreme).  

Catwoman end of the line

End Of the Line (Extreme) – In order to obtain these medals you’re timing is key.  The most challenging thing about this stage is that you have to do a double ledge take down.  So that means you have to try and get these armored guards to converge at one place.  “Well that’s easy”  It sure is.  Take down one…oh crap wait…yup there are snipers around!  So you need to take down two guys over a ledge whilst not being seen by the two, incredibly aware snipers that can easily take Catwoman apart.  “SIGH”

Here’s what you do.  First, from where you start turn left and run up the stairs.  To your right there are floor grates.  Get in one and travel under the boxes.  Take out the Armored Henchman with a take down from the floor grate for your first medal.   NOW BE QUICK!  Stylishly break through the “weak wooden wall” and run back down to where you start the level facing the end of the room.  START RUNNING!  Run through the train on the right hand side, and then carefully make your way up the stairs to the right.  Once you reach the top of the stairs, straight ahead is your sniper target.  Take him down with a silent take down.  Throw Caltrops all over his sniper ass and then crouch.  Wait until the other Armored Henchmen who have gathered at the first guard to register that a another guy is down.  As they start approaching, climb over the ledge and wait.  Once the guards get there they will trip on the caltrops.  Wait until there are two guys who are standing up again and then do your double ledge take down for your second medal.  GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!  Drop from the ledge and run your sexy legs off to the other snipers position (end of the room).  There is a square entrance right behind him that you can jump up to.  When you get up there “whip trip” the sniper and take him down for your third medal.  The rest take out at your pace.

Here is a guide on how to do it.  I did not make this video, I am not that good at these maps.

Exhausting isn’t it?

Yeah, all that there took a few tries.  🙂

catwoman top of the world

Top Of The World (Extreme) – This one can be a bitch, but with patience and timing you can pull it off.  The toughest part was getting an enemy to fall on caltrops.

The easiest method i found was this.  When you start, grapple up to the ledge.  Crouch and wait for the guard that is walking towards you to turn to the left.  As he’s walking away, quickly get a silent take down.  BE QUICK!  Throw two sets of caltrops, to your right hand side facing the open vent (Right next to the ladder that leads up to the upper platform).  Run to the vent and wait for two guards to drop down and fall on the caltrops.  With one of them down, perform a take down.  That’s your first medal.  If you’re quick enough you can perform a beat down on the second guard to receive your second medal and still have time to just make it out by going through the vent and back outside.  At this point i would suggest staying outside and using ledge take downs.  It might take longer but at least its safer.  Also be careful when trying to drop from a gargoyle to a ledge outside because occasionally Catwoman won’t register that there is a ledge to climb up to.  Safest bet is to jump from the gargoyle to the balcony and then climb over and hang.  To get your third medal take out the Armored Henchman with the jammer pack for last.

Here’s another instruction manual for you.

The rest of the challenge maps were for lack of a better word, challenging but I prevailed and why?  “Because I’m……..Catwoman?” 

Yeah, that didn’t sound right.

Check back next week for the newest installment in Batman Arkham City:  A Journey

Pain & Gain (2013) A Casual Review



pain-and-gain-poster-final-posterI went into this movie not knowing at all what it was about.  I like Mark Walhberg and I like Dwayne Johnson.  OK, i guess I’m lying, i new they were body builders but that’s it.

So this film is about three body builders who want to live the American dream, but don’t have the patience or work ethic to do so.

Mark Walhberg plays the main character Daniel Lugo who while training a new client decides to rip this guy off so bad and practically steal his life.  He enlists the help of fellow body builder Adrian Doorbal (played by Anthony Mackie) and ex-con, christian, body builder Paul Doyle (played by Dwayne Johnson).  

This film is ridiculously funny.  Mark Walhberg is brilliant playing the goofy, never thinks anything through master mind.  Dwayne Johnson and his more sensitive side is a breath of fresh air with regards to everything we’ve been seeing him in lately and Anthony Mackie is just so funny, that you can’t resist laughing out loud.

Anything that these guys plan always seem to fall apart, and every decision they make, makes you cringe because you know it’s a bad decision.  It’s almost like the three stooges meets The Heist.  Watching these guys react to everything falling apart is mind numbingly funny.

My favorite line is from Dwayne Johnson:  “…J***s C****t has given me so many gifts.  One of them, to knock you the F**K out!”

For a Michael Bay film, what a master piece.  I only saw one explosion in that whole movie.  This is where he can truly strut his stuff.  I don’t need anymore Transformers or gigantic explosions or the world blowing up.  This was a movie where Bay is back to his roots.  Put Transformers on hold and get to working on Bad Boys 3 because this is where your talent lies.

On a serious note, this film is based on a true story.  Yes you read that right.  These were actual people who committed these crimes and although the film has probably exaggerated a few things to fit the movie, please don’t forget that actual people were hurt but at the same time don’t let this fact ruin the humor of the movie.

If you enjoy dark comedies and have a twisted sense of humor i suggest this.