Hitman Absolution (PC) A Casual Review

Image from http://vgfaq.com/guides/hitman-absolution-evidence-locations-guide/When you first start up Hitman Absolution you are greeted with the traditional cut scene introduction. Agent 47 has a new target, his former handler Diana. She has kidnapped this girl Victoria who by what the movie shows us has been experimented on by “the doctors”. Going against the agency has now gotten a kill order on her head and who better to take down this target than Agent 47 himself.  The first mission you undertake is to infiltrate Diana’s residence and eliminate her but before 47 can deliver the final blow he has a sudden change of heart. Diana asks him to save the girl and he complies by escorting Victoria to an orphanage and starts his own investigation into the agency themselves and que Hitman Absolution.

The first thing that i noticed about this game is how sharp everything is.  It looks juicy and sometimes a little blinding.  I’ve noticed that a lot of Hollywood films love using optics on the most basic of light flares and Hitman seems to be following the trend right through to a slight flare when light bounces off his head.  The game play is good and the controls might take a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it you shouldn’t have any problems.  Traditional elements are back such as disguises, hiding bodies, you’re assassin wire thing, and those cool guns of his and they’ve introduced a new mechanic called instinct which when activated allows you to see where guards are and where their paths lead as well as any interactive objects on the level as well.   I haven’t noticed any bugs or anything either.

You might be wondering why this sounds rather boring as opposed to some of the other reviews I’ve done and it simply is because while Hitman:  Absolution is a great addition to the franchise this latest installment feels a bit empty.  It looks like Hitman, walks like Hitman but it just doesn’t feel like Hitman.

Why do I say this I hear you ask?  Well it’s quite simple really.

I have never finished a single Hitman game.  I don’t think I’ve ever finished one whole mission because it was just so damn hard for me.  I kept getting caught and I didn’t have the patience to walk around an entire level just to find alternate routes and watch people and their set paths.  That’s just me.  In Absolution however I’ve gone through quite a few levels already and easily I might add on the normal difficulty.  By that statement alone this doesn’t feel like Hitman to me because I’ve been able to get through missions without hassle or any kind of effort really.  The levels also aren’t as open as i remember the others being and it feels like the game is pushing you in one very limited direction.

I don’t know if this will be a good or bad thing for hard core fans of Hitman or not but I’m leaning on bad.

Its almost like the game wants me to succeed and that irritates me because it never cared about me before.  It’s just not that challenging.  It’s to easy to infiltrate and while the stealth thing is cool and is one of the best things i love about this game you could actually just walk in guns blazing.  It would take a while and it would be stupid but you can because i did it and somehow survived.  If i did that in any of the other games I would be dead in  seconds.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing this game at all, it looks good and it plays well.  But the previous installments were in a league of their own. I always thought that the guys who played Hitman were in a league of their own if they were even able to get to level two or three.  If i can get to the sixth level of this game then I’m sorry it’s just not as challenging as what Hitman used to be.

But hey that’s just my opinion.  I do think it is worth a look and I hope that the true fans of this franchise aren’t disappointed by what this game has to offer.  I’m sure you guys will probably play on extra hard anyway.

Till next time

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