Ouya vs Project Shield

OUYA: (pronounced “Ooh-yuh”)

If you haven’t heard by now, Ouya is a new powerful android based console that will allow owners and gamers complete freedom to mod the hardware and hack the console as they see fit with no legal implications as well as develop games with no hassle of pesky licensing fees.

Games are required to have some form of a free-to-play system which means that either the game is free, has a free trial or you’ll have to pay for upgrades and collectibles and what not as per normal.  Robert Bowling (former Creative Strategist of Infinity Ward) has already stated that his new studio, Robotoki will be the first to develop a game exclusively for Ouya.  It will be an episodic prequel to the upcoming game Human Element which is set to be released in 2015.  Square Enix is also hard at work with releasing Final Fantasy III for Ouya and Namco Bandai are in discussions for potential future games for the console.  But the gaming side of this article doesn’t end just yet.  There will also be emulators available for the Ouya so that you can play your favorite SNES and Nintendo 64 games with ease.  There are nineteen confirmed games that are set to be released with the Ouya, three hundred OnLive games and eighty games confirmed by Ouya.

The Ouya will also have an exclusive store for applications and games specifically designed for the Ouya platform and will also include the TwitchTv app, access to the OnLive video gaming streaming service and XBMC has already announced a partnership with Ouya as well.

Ouya Release schedule:

Devs: December 28, 2012

Pre-Order: March, 2013

Retail: April, 2013

You can get your hands on an Ouya for $99.99 locally and $109.99 (that’s with the $20 shipping included), which will come with one controller. South African price? Around R900. The console with two controllers will run you $149.99 (R 1230) and with four controllers, $209.99 (R1700). All of these prices include international shipping.

Ouya Specifications:

  • Operating System:        Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (modified)
  • CPU:                              1.7 Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9
  • Storage:                        8GB Internal Flash Memory
  • Memory:                       1GB Ram
  • Display:                         HDMI (1080i, 720p)
  • Graphics:                      Nvidia ULP GeForce
  • Input:                             USB 2.0 (one)

                                                Micro USB (pc connection)

  • Controller Input:             Wireless Controller
  • Connectivity:                   Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

                                                 Bluetooth L.E. 4.0

                                                 Ethernet Port (guesstimate,100Mbps or 1Gbps)


Check out www.ouya.tv for more informationproject-shield

Project Shield:

Project Shield is Nvidia’s latest technological achievement.  Also sporting the Android based Jelly Bean operating system Project Shield is able to play android based games and certain windows pc games via pc streaming similar to Sony’s Remote Play.  The device is similar to an Xbox controller except the two analog joysticks are at the lower part of the controller.  It has a flip up five inch touch screen display which supports a 1280×720 image resolution and connects to your network wirelessly.  The PC game streaming will only support at minimum the 600 series GeForce Cards.  Steam and Google Play will also be available on the device.

Project Shield Specifications:

Operating System:         Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

Onboard System Chip:  Nvidia Tegra 4

CPU:                              Quad-Core ARM Cortex A15 CPU

Storage:                         MicroSD Card

Display:                          5-inch (720p@294ppi) multi-touch touchscreen

Graphics:                       Custom 72-core Nvidia GeForce GPU based on Kepler 600 series

Sound:                           Custom, bass-reflex, tuned port audio system delivers fidelity

                                       and custom range never before experienced on a portable

                                      device such comparable to the Jawbone Jambox

Controller Input:            D-pad

                                      2 × Analog Sticks

                                      L/R bumper and trigger buttons

                                      X, Y, A, B buttons

                                      Nvidia Button

                                      Volume buttons

                                      Back button

Touchpad:                     Touchscreen

Connectivity:                IEEE 802.11n-2009 2×2 Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone jack, mini HDMI Output

                                    Micro USB

Check out http://shield.nvidia.com/ for more information

According to IGN’s hands on review they were able to connect and play Borderlands 2 with no noticeable lag.  You can read their review here http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/08/ces-project-shield-hands-on-impressions

Project Shield is set to be released in Q2 this year so remaining questions should be answered soon.

My Opinion on Project Shield:

I’m honestly not too sure how this device would measure up.  I’ve read a couple of articles that list this device as a handheld console but I don’t think it fits in that category.  While yes, you can indeed hold it in your hand it’s no different than playing an android based game on your IPhone or Ipad.  The only distinct feature that really stands out is the HD PC streaming but the fact that you need the 600 series GeForce GPU as a minimum requirement just seems like you would have to fork over a lot of your hard earned cash in order for this device to reach its maximum potential.  I don’t think it will make that much profit because only the hardest of hard core PC gamers would probably contemplate- thinking about wanting- to -possibly -maybe getting their hands on this device.

My Opinion on Ouya:

I think that Ouya is a fantastic idea and it has the potential to completely redefine the gaming element.  We would be able to first try a game and if we like it we can buy it.  I know Gamefly already does this but with Sony blocking the use of second hand games who knows if we can really rely on their services with regards to console games.  This console provides a fantastic opportunity for Indie developers who are trying to get their games out in the market but struggle to find financial support. My personal preference is physically owning a game disc and putting into my console and hearing everything work.  I’m not a big fan of digital distribution but unfortunately for those of you who are like me, we’re just going to have to deal with it. Digital is the main way with Ouya.  Honestly speaking I would love to see some new competition in the console war.  With the right amount of developers and an ever expanding AAA title list expanding on the horizon I think that Ouya might just give Sony and Microsoft a run for their money.

Until anything more does get revealed what do you guys think of Ouya?  Do you think that Project Shield will flop or will it be a must have accessory for PC gamers?  Leave a comment below and make yourself heard.


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