Dishonored: First Thoughts…


I have read so many mixed reviews on this game that I eventually folded and decided to give it a try.

Set in a fictional city called Dunwall, you play as Corvo Attano, a legendary bodyguard to The Empress.  Corvo gets framed for the Empresses murder and is forced to flee the city.  He becomes an assassin to seek revenge on those who conspired against him.  He is aided by a loyalist group who are trying to reclaim the city and is given supernatural abilities from an individual known only as The Outsider.

The game is played through a first person perspective and there is a lot of emphasis on the word stealth.  The city is plague ridden and you will see rats often roaming the streets.  Health seems quite rare to find and you have to look for any  food and potions that’s laying around the city.   As you explore the city you will find runes and bone charms which upgrade your abilities and adds certain perks to items.  (I am still playing this so there might be more to it than that)  You can also engage guards with a bit of sword play and counter attacking and using a secondary attack which includes, guns and a crossbow from what I’ve seen.  However the more guards or people you kill, more of the rats will come to feast and spread the plague which apparently affects the ending.  So it is encouraged to assassinate your targets in a non-lethal way which honestly to me, sounds a bit stupid.  I kill targets but only render guards unconscious.

To be very honest it did take me a couple of hours to get into this game.  The story seems rather predictable and your character is the strong silent type.  (No seriously, i haven’t heard him say anything yet)  There seems to be no character development at all which unfortunately leaves me no choice but to deduct points.  Surprisingly enough I am still playing this game for some reason.  I think I started to enjoy the actual game play when i started figuring out how and when to use your abilities and to me there is no greater reward than completing a mission without getting detected at all.

Once I’ve finished it i will post my final thoughts

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