Spec Ops: The Line (PC) A Casual Review

Just finished playing Spec Ops:  The Line and I think I read to many positive reviews on this game because i was left feeling slightly underwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong, this is by no means a bad game.  In fact it’s one of the better new games that I’ve played in a while.  While at first glance this game might seem like any other shooter, this game actually delivers a very decent, different and emotional story.  When i say emotional i don’t mean that i felt disgusted at the things that were happening (like so many other reviews I’ve read)  i simply mean that the developers have actually put the consequences of your actions into the game so that you can truly see what you’ve done and are responsible for.  While it didn’t get my heart strings pulling to tightly there were a few moments where i did feel guilty but it was soon washed away when i started shooting people regardless if they were American or otherwise.

You play as Captain Martin Walker, leading his Delta team into Dubai on a recon mission that turns sour really quickly.  As you progress through the story you will make decisions that effect certain parts in the game but the beauty is when you see the consequences of those decisions.  You’re team mates might not agree with a decision that you’ve made causing a bit of tension and it’s really interesting to see how it plays out between these emotionally developed characters.

The game play is solid with maybe a few gimmicky controls that will irritate you like wanting to vault over an object but then performing a melee attack.  But it’s not enough to distract you from the overall experience.  While this does play out like a 3rd person cover shooter, shooting hoards of enemies wave after wave, the game does give the violence a reason.  Your squad mates are probably the best AI team I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.  They know when to strike, they give you warning and they saved my life on more than one occasion without me even realizing it until after the dude’s head blew off.

The voice acting is great and it truly does immerse you into the story but the one thing i really did love about this game is the emotional story of Captain Walker as his character changes through out the game coming to terms (or not) with all that hes done.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Give me a game with a decent plot and character development and I’m all yours.