The Last of Us Game Play Demo E3

One of the biggest games I’m looking forward to playing this year is definitely The Last Of Us.  Since the announcement trailer that was released last year nothing new has really been released except for a few screen shots and another video that made an appearance on the net.  At E3 however, Naughty Dog was kind enough to allow everyone to view the game play demo at E3 and too be quiet frank, it looks stunning.

Besides the graphics looking top notch especially the urban jungle setting, what really adds depth to this game is the emphasis on survival.  Going back to the old PS1 survival horrors like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it seems like med packs and ammo will be scarce to come by.  When watching the video, you will see three boxes at the top left corner of the screen which are your slots for med packs.  Only three though.  Joel has a health bar as well which isn’t as gracious as most other games out there.  That health seems to drop quickly if you don’t approach a situation with caution.  In one instance another survivor hits Joel through the face with a lead pipe and you see quiet a substantial amount of health decrease.  Joel also has a limited inventory in which he can keep items.  For example you see Joel taking out a molotov cocktail, hiding behind some cover and then (BOOM!)  a guy goes up in flames.  The melee combat is exciting to watch and probably even better when you play it.

Ellie, your AI companion is a breath of fresh air.  When Joel runs out of bullets, Ellie happily chucks a brick at his opponent causing him to fall off balance then Joel reacts with lighting speed dashing towards his enemy and then bashing his head a few good times against a counter top before falling unconscious.  Ellie seems like she has brains.  She doesn’t walk in front of you, in fact, she almost always hides behind cover when enemies approach and helps out when she can.  The perfect AI companion.

Towards the end of the demo Joel gets into another scrap but this guy is tough, huge and looks crazy.  Ellie assists by stabbing crazy guy in the back.  Crazy guy gets rid of Ellie but now he’s distracted.  Joel kicks him off, hits him with the shot gun and takes aim right at this guys face.  Joel pulls the trigger as the crazy guy begs for his life and face goes everywhere.

OK, that last part is quiet dramatic I must admit and a few people were horribly offended by this display.  For me personally I wasn’t offended.  I thought, what has happened to this character that he is able to do the the things that he does.  During the course of the Demo you  even hear Ellie questioning Joel in his methods.

Naughty Dog has created a realistic, dark, gritty game based in a world without rules and without mercy.  I for one am looking forward to exploring this rich and dynamic story.


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