Watch Dogs

Ubisoft is full of surprises lately, stunning nearly everyone at the E3 press conference yesterday by releasing an exclusive demo for their upcoming IP, titled Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft has created an open world (similar to Grand Theft Auto), which looks and feels like an actual organic city.  In this demo you play as Aiden Pierce as he’s casually walking down a side walk, hands in his pockets, seemingly minding his own business.  As he’s walking, take a look at everything going on around him.  There are cars driving up and down the streets and it didn’t seem like they were on a set path.  Pedestrians walk past  and then you hear the sound of wind picking up and soda cans roll with the breeze across the road.   Keep on walking and you’ll see Aiden using his cell phone,  white lines emanating from it connecting to other civilians cell phones hacking and listening to their calls.   As you carry on with your merry stroll take note of the slight futuristic designs like virtual maps and digital advertising.   It really does feel like you’ve stepped into a whole new world.   Aiden even had to look both ways before crossing the street and then enters into a building that’s hosting an art expo.

Aiden enters the art expo and walks around after speaking to an accomplice.  He starts hacking everybody’s cell phones,  listening  to their calls and finding information regarding his target.

Once he gets the info that he wants he has to get out as security is becoming suspicious of him.  He takes out a guard on the way out and he finds himself outside facing an intersection.  His target approaches in a car in the distance as you can see on his map.  Aiden activates a device and up flashes a menu with things you’re able to hack.  One of these things is traffic lights.  As his target approaches,  Aiden hacks the traffic lights  changing all the lights to green just as his target reaches the intersection and a mass pile up of vehicles occurs.

(As this accident happens, you’ll see a few NPC’s  rushing to aid the civilians in cars or just stand by watching everything happen.  It’s a beautiful blend of realism)

Gun drawn, Aiden approaches the pile up and a shoot out occurs.  During this time it becomes a standard 3rd person shooter with what seems to be the ability to slow time down or it might just be that time slows down when a kill shot is made. (Explosions, gun fire, debris. This a fantastic spectacle of what Ubisoft has achieved)

Afterwards Aiden runs to his target who is still in the back seat of the car.  Aiden smashes the window, and  drags his “mark” out of the car,  in the process severely injuring his targets hand.

His target pretty much in a round about way begs for his life telling Aiden that it’s suicide to kill him, but Aiden wants to leave a message, so he draws his  gun and pulls the trigger.

Wow, wow, wow.  Seriously……WOW.

It’s really captivating and it feels…….WOW.

I really think Ubisoft may have dented a few competitors egos with the announcement of this game and boy should this raise the bar a bit.


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