Carmageddon: Reincarnation

What a glorious day to be a gamer. 🙂  What?  You haven’t heard?  Oh, well, If I asked you, do you remember a developer called Stainless Games?  No?  Ok, let’s try this one.  Do you remember the game where you were a bald, bat-shit crazy driver that ran over pedestrians and caused complete anarchy during a race that pretty much left the town painted red?  There you go, that’s right, let it sink in.  And as you concentrate on those fond memories, as nostalgia creeps into your brain, your conscience whispers….Carmageddon.

That’s right peeps, Carmageddon, the grand daddy of vehicle combat is back! Carmageddon:  Reincarnation is on the table officially!!

With the help of the Kickstarter project (a site that allows people to donate to creative projects ) gamers gloriously donated to Stainless Games (instead of giving money to the homeless guy on the corner) in order to bring back the legendary game that (in my opinion) gave birth to all the other smash-‘em up racing games.

With nine days still to go Stainless Games has made there target of $400,000 and as per their You-tube video, they have started the celebration and rightly deserved as well.

Stainless has stated that players will take part in death defying races traversing through open world environments. (kind of hoping that there will be buildings that need demolishing, like Split Second) You only have a certain amount of time to complete a race however you don’t have to finish the race the traditional way.  There are other ways to win.  You can destroy every other opponent on the track or hunt down each and every poor pedestrian that got programmed into this darkly beautiful world.  Looking forward to a few rag-doll pedestrian’s if I do say so myself.  The A.I, are also supposed to be a lot more challenging than in the previous games so expect a tough bout.

Online play is definitely on the cards, as well as mod tools which will allows players to create content and share them online.  How far the modding goes is yet to be reveled.

“Now we have our baby back we really don’t want to have any creative control of the new game wrestled from us by a corporate investor, a publisher, or space aliens trying to subvert humanity using subliminal messaging in video games. We want to make sure that the game we make is the game that we (and Carmageddon’s fans, and a new generation of Carmageddon fans who don’t even know they want it yet) want to play,”

–         Stainless Games

If all goes well, Stainless Games has said that we can expect the game in February 2013. 


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