Max Payne 3

Who is that balding older fellow carrying around an arsenal, laying waist to all who stand in his way, increasing his reflexes that he might even put Nathan Drake to shame? Is it…..John McLean….maybe?  Far from it, in fact one might be so bold as to say “Hey that’s Max Payne!”  Only fatter and balder than before.

Following the events of Max Payne 2, Max leavesNew Yorkto go into hiding in some god forsaken place that looks a lot likeCuba.  Trying to forget his past he has become more than a painkiller addict…he now also enjoys the occasional drink and by occasional I mean a serious whiskey downer, how ever Max can never seem to find peace.  Just like the movie Man on Fire Max takes a job protecting some rich dudes wife and she ends up getting kidnapped, thus enter Max Payne 3.

All the things that made Max Payne so awesome like “bullet time” makes its appearance but they have tweaked the engine a bit “allowing more precise targeting” and fluid motion control.  In addition to matrix slow down time Max can while dive shooting (and then hits the ground) move a complete 360 and target all around him while he’s in this prone position.  Sounds good so far right?  The other cool thing is that every last bad guy that you kill in a section, time will slow down to show an awesome kill shot, following the bullet from your gun to said bad guys head.  All slow-mo kill shot bullets are rendered in real time as well and the collision detection is quiet impressive.  Apparently the A.I is supposed to be quiet smart as well but I can’t really comment on that yet.  Rockstar is also under the impression (OR AT LEAST IN MY OPINION) that they are the first studio to blend cinematic cut scenes straight into game play as to immerse the player into a world with out loading time.  I’m pretty sure that Naughty Dog, Inc already did that and I’m sure other studios followed suit.  While I do think that every studio should try to incorporate that I don’t however think its fair for Rockstar to make it sound like they are the first ones.  It’s unfairly funny.

While I am excited about the game I am slightly disappointed that the graphic noire cut scenes are no longer in it.  They do try to keep the element there I guess by panels and things but that noire feel of it just adds so much more.

All in all, it’s on my list of games to get.  I cannot wait to control a beer bellied, hairless version of a hard boiled detective.



PLATFORM:            XBOX 360

                                    PLAYSTATION 3



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