Fright Night

I watched a movie called Fright Night over the weekend.  On that name alone you’re already thinking “straight to DVD”.  I thought exactly the same thing when Debbie’s brother, Greg, told me about it.  Think of it as a combination between the movie Disturbia and, oh I don’t know…..Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The movie is based primarily in a typical suburban neighbourhood which happens to be in a desert close to Las Vegas.  When Jerry (Collin Farrell) moves in to the neighbourhood local residents start go missing. Charlie’s (Anton Yelchin) best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) has a theory that Jerry is a vampire and is responsible for the disappearances.  Charlie doesn’t believe him and then Ed goes missing.  Charlie then realizes that something is going on and starts to investigate, leading him into an impossible and surreal adventure of a lifetime.

It doesn’t sound like much but it was pretty damn good.  I loved this movie so much because they went old school on the vampire lore.  There were no vampire’s that sparkle in sunlight, no magic ring that enables them to walk in the sun, no stupid love triangle between a human, vampire and werewolf, no quiet town close by where all the vamps live.  (THERE WAS NONE OF THAT NEW AGE TWILIGHT, TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRE DIARIES CRAP)  This was a “back to basics” movie which I think they should make more of. This is a movie where sunlight kills and wooden stakes through the heart are king, where decapitation slows the fuckers down.  This is a movie where holy water actually burns the son of a bitch and rewards our hero with a quick getaway.  This is a movie where somebody holds up a crucifix to repel the creature of the night but most importantly this is a movie where the lord of the darkness has no feelings and the main goal is survival.

I’m not going any further than that in case I ruin the movie for you guys.  If you want to watch a classic vampire movie set in a modern world, I suggest you watch this.  If you want to take a break from super, sparkly vamps who cry at night over a girl and have the inability to keep their shirts on WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Anybody that actually enjoyed the Twilight movies and are re-reading the damn books please DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE.  There are no topless Calvin Klein models in here….sorry


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