Assassins Creed Revelations: PC Delay Confirmed

So it’s confirmed that the PC version of Assassins Creed Revelations is definitely delayed until sometime in December 2011.  As i said before in my previous post, it isn’t uncommon for this Assassins Creed game to be delayed considering that Assassins Creed Brotherhood was delayed until March 2011.  I would be pleasantly surprised if the game did release in the beginning of December but i would be prepared for longer delay.  At any rate the only reason they delay the PC version is to iron out all the bugs and stuff.

While I’m reporting on Revelations I might as well delve into what the new game has to offer.

So this game sees Ezio traveling to Ottoman Constantinople in 1511AD during the rise of the Ottoman Empire and Masyaf, the Assassins original stronghold which has now being over run with Templar’s. Ezio learned that legendary Assassin Altair (the Assassin in the first Assassins Creed game) hid some keys that unlocks a powerful library hidden in the area and obviously the Templar’s are looking for these keys as well.  Each key that Ezio obtains will allow him to relive a memory of Altair’s and thus give gamers hopefully the most complete Assassins Creed.  This is also the first game out of the franchise that all three main characters will be fully playable and will put the story of Altair and Ezio to rest.  Desmond’s story will also continue with him being trapped in a coma using the animus to survive.  Desmond is locked in this place called the Black Room and has to find a certain memory that connects Altair and Ezio therefore, super-gluing his shattered mind back together and waking up in the real world.  (The Matrix and Inception, eat your heart out)

Constantinople is a huge ass place and is the biggest open world map in the Assassins Creed Franchise.  Constantinople will be divided into the following four districts:

Constantin, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata.

Multi-player will be making a return in the game  giving gamers a much wider experience.  There will be new characters and new locations, new weapons, the ability to create a guild, customize your armor and characters and create a coat of arms AND when players level up in Multi-player they will go up in Abstergo rank and get more information about the company.  (AWESOME).

Ezio has a new weapon called The Hookblade in which he can take down enemies and zip line across the city with ropes connecting to the buildings.  (I wonder if the guards will try to to cut the ropes that Ezio uses?  mmmm??  That would be impressive :-))  In addition to the Hookblade  Ezio will also have access to a variety of bombs.  (Variety meaning well over 300 different bombs specs!!)  You can also plant trip wire bombs for those of you who love to set traps or throw bombs directly at your enemies or just use bombs for a quick getaway.

There is a huge improvement graphics wise but i think it should still be alright to run on the computers running Core 2 Duo processors.

This is definitely not a game to miss.  I have a already pre-ordered my collectors edition.:-)


10 comments on “Assassins Creed Revelations: PC Delay Confirmed

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  4. I have revelations and it is epic. But the campaign is way too short seen as I completed it within three days. The review is good and the multi-player is legendary but extremely long. Do you know anything about the next assassin’s creed?

  5. The only thing i can speculate on regarding the new Assassins Creed 3 game is that it’s most likely going to be set in Egypt or America. I think its quite possible that it will be in Egypt though because some of the clues at the end of revelations point to Egypt and when Ubisoft did their survey a while back there was that question where would we like to see the next Assassins Creed and a lot of fans said Egypt. So every two days I’m busy checking to see if I can find anymore information but so far nothing yet

  6. I don’t know any cheats for Assassins Creed as i really don’t enjoy playing games with cheats but if you check out you will find trainers that you can use through the game. I haven’t checked that yet, but I’ve never encountered a bad file or patch at that site

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