Assassins Creed Brotherhood

So I finished Assassins Creed Brotherhood a few weeks ago and honestly speaking I thinkthe second one was much better.

It still follows the story of Desmond Miles reliving his Ancestors memories by ways of the Animus.

He continues to live out the life of Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the year 1499.  Ezio returns home to the villa in Monteriggioni where he thinks that his quest for revenge is over.  The next morning however Cesare Borgia (son of Rodrigo Borgia, The Pope) attacks the villa, kills Ezio’s Beloved Uncle Mario and takes the Apple of Eden.  Ezio and his family escape to Rome where Templar HQ is pretty much situated.

There he discovers that the Assassins are failing in their fight against corruption and Ezio (being the born leader that he is) convinces the head of the Assassins that he can lead the guild into victory.

As you progress through the game you save citizens and they become part of your Brotherhood.  The main quest is obviously to find Cesare Borgia and get the Apple of Eden back.

The graphics were refined and textures were awesome.  There were new weapons you could play around with such as the crossbow which really helps if you’re trying to eliminate a target from a distance.  You also now get a parachute which Leonardo Da Vinci created.  Leap of a tall ass building and parachute safely down to earth.

The things I enjoyed most about this game though was the fact that you now can ride your horse into any town and assassinate targets from your horse.  Jump from your horse to an enemy’s horse, kill them on the horse and then steal their horse.  (Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed style :-))

When dealing with enemies you can also call on your Assassins from the brotherhood and they can do the dirty work without you worrying to much about being spotted.  Again they refined the combat system to make you more Offensive in battle rather than waiting to be attacked.  You can perform “kill streaks” and completely massacre enemies relatively quickly and with such style that you are left thinking “I am a God”. The story is still good and maintains its direction although honestly I did at times get a bit confused as to what the hell was going on.

There are a few bad points as well though.  First one being that the control of Ezio was a little bit shaky to me.  If I want to jump from a building ledge to a wall, if that wall doesn’t have perfect distance away you’ll end up just missing it and loosing a bit of health.  It was difficult to navigate the map at times because you are not sure whether you can access a section of Rome until you get there which is then bordered up by a memory block wall.

They even made getting to your view points more challenging and for what?  I couldn’t get to a view point because I hadn’t rebuilt an Aqua-duct because I didn’t have any money.  That was annoying. Oh, and I couldn’t rebuild an aqua-duct if that particular area was under Borgia control which meant you have to take out the tower first, then renovate your buildings.  I just think it was a needless thing to add.

Brotherhood as well is the first game in the Assassins Creed franchise to incorporate multiplayer but you can only play online, which sucks for the ones who enjoy playing offline lan.  The other thing that sucks for me coming from South Africa is that I actually bought this game.  I wanted the original of this to play multiplayer and even after authenticating my Uplay account it still wouldn’t accept me online.  I’m actually quiet pissed off about that.  The first game in a while that I actually pay for and I know that I need to keep up with technology and get internet, so I didn’t bitch about not having internet.  I went to a friend’s house to use his and try this multiplayer thing and all it did was say to me, “cannot connect” or “unable to log in to account”.

All in all it was fantastic game besides all the cons that it had.  I think they tried to hard to fast.

The next game to come out is Assassins Creed Revelations in which Ezio goes to Constantinople so I’m looking forward to playing that one.

Assassins Creed is still legendary 🙂

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