Assassins Creed

 My all time favorite game….Assassins Creed.  When I say I’m a huge fan I mean it.  I think I’ve played the first and second one over and over again and I’ve started to replay the third one again and I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve submerged myself into the history of the Assassins.  From the early crusades to the late renaissance and there is no other game that completely captures my imagination, my attention and my patience for such a long duration of time.  When I play this game all the everyday tasks suddenly fall a very stretched 100th place in the priority list.  I can’t quiet point out a specific reason as to why Assassins Creed has such power over me. All I know is that it’s like a drug. 

I love anything with a decent story.  You could give me the worst visually designed movie to watch but if the story is good I’ll be hooked instantly.    


This is such a simple story and it’s put together so beautifully.  You play as Desmond Miles who gets abducted by Templars under the disguise of a company called Abstergo.  (Abstergo is a very big powerhouse company that seems to run the world with all of its products, from military to normal household appliances…..kind of like Massive Dynamic from Fringe) Abstergo is on a quest for world domination to instill a new world order in which everyone will become united under one global leader.  In order to obtain this goal however they have to find a “Piece of Eden”.  The piece that Abstergo is looking for is called The Apple.  This is an ancient artifact that grants the user immense power over ones will.  This was the artifact that created the illusion of theRed Sea being parted, turning water into wine and a variety of other similar events.  In order to find The Apple Abstergo needed to hunt down its various locations in history to discover where it may be hidden.

Abstergo created a machine called an “Animus” which allows genetic memory (bloodline specific to user) to be relived.

This is where Desmond comes in.  Desmond belongs to an ancient order of Assassins.  The Assassins goal is pretty much to protect humanity.  The Assassins hid The Apple back in the day and Abstergo needs Desmond to relive his bloodline in order to find it.

I think this is where Assassins Creed wins me over.  I love historical things and I love story’s which involve religion being a form of control over a society.  I like the thought of this because to me if man has no religion then what he does he hold onto?  What do we believe in then?  What happens to faith?

The game play is good and easy to master without confusing your fingers and when you’re battling enemies, counter-attacking is so simple yet so flashy that you get lost in the choreography and the realism that it portrays.  Plus when you’ve just defeated like 20 or 30 guys using your flashy counter kills and you see all the soldiers rolling on the ground (CAUSE THEY JUST HAD THEIR ASSES HANDED TO THEM) you feel…pretty badass.

The characters feel real and the cities that you get to explore are so realistic and tangible that you get lost in the beauty of it all.  The textures are absolutely breath taking.  The only flaw that I have with the first game is that there are times where the levels start to feel monotonous but with everything else that this game has to offer and for a first installment it was pretty well done.

Unfortunately I never got to play Assassins Creed Bloodlines which was a continuation of Altair’s past and bridged the story from the first game to the second game.  It was only released on the PSP for some weird reason.

Then Assassins Creed 2 came out.  This was one of the most highly anticipated games ever.  The story continues exactly from where the first one ended.  Lucy breaks Desmond out of Abstergo and together they flee to a safe house where Lucy’s contacts have their own version of the Animus.  Desmond has to relive one of his other ancestor’s memories, Ezio Auditore da Firenze in order to locate The Apple and other pieces of Eden before the templars do.

With each new Assassins game they seem to raise the bar a little higher.  They refined the combat system to make it much smoother in battle and to pull of some superb counter kills.  The detail in this game was immense.  They had full on cities with people walking around during the renaissance.  I have never played a game where they incorporated so much detail.  It is a breathtaking display of virtual ingenuity.  As the game progresses, Desmond starts to have flashes of Altair’s memories when he is outside of the Animus.  This is due to the bleeding effect which occurs when a person spends a substantial amount of time in the Animus and it causes realities to overlap.  The plus side of the bleeding effect though is that Desmond starts learning all the assassin skills as he plays through Ezio’s memories.  When Ezio learns new things, so does Desmond.

Did I mention that I love a game with a decent story??

Just when you think this game couldn’t get any better, at the end of Assassins Creed 2 the story takes a complete 360, shattering any ideas you thought might be happening in this complex plot.  I was left thinking,”What the F**k?” but in an “I WANT MORE” kind of way.

I can’t imagine any one who can’t enjoy this game.  I even got my wife to play it.  She just started Brotherhood and is still enjoying it.



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