Crysis 2

Well, i finished Crysis 2 on Sunday and after all those hours of playing, doing stealth assassinations, entering cloak mode, making some excellent head shots and just submerging myself in the city..I’ve only got one thing to say…..

LEGEN…(wait for it)…DARY!!

This game was excellent.  I cannot get over how much detail there was in the game.  I have to admit though there were a few times where i thought it was getting a tad monotonous, but with everything this game has to offer it was totally worth it.

The story was predictable but it was so much fun.  I remember this one shot i pulled off.  I was in this underground parking lot with four Seth aliens shooting the shit out everything i was hiding behind.  I managed to kill two of them with a grenade, and while this grenade was still in the air I dashed our from behind a burning car switched to “armor” mode and sprinted towards the other two.  The one Seth was hiding behind another car and the other was a few feet to the left.  Just as the grenade went off killing the two, i power jumped over the car and with my shotgun in hand in midair i blew this Seth’s head off and as i landed quickly turned to the left and filled the other one full of lead.

Man it was fun.  Action, Action, Action.

I hope you guys find this game as fun as i did.:-)


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