Iron Invader/Metal Shifters

Ha ha ha ha…

Right now I’m watching this movie called Iron Invader but on our station they calling it Metal Shifters(NO IDEA WHY)….I’m still not entirely sure what the point of this movie is…The movie starts with a Russian satellite falling to earth which has alien bacteria attached to it. (QUE DRAMATIC MUSIC)  Two brothers find this satellite and sell it to the local junkyard.  The junkyard guy shows off a giant “Golem” statue made of metal and pretty soon when no ones looking the alien bacteria animates the huge Golem.  This big ass robot starts walking around town and killing local residents at random, sucking the various metals out of their blood.

At the end the bacteria takes over this construction vehicle but some dude sprays it with alcohol and then this little piece of metal comes out  (NO BIGGER THAN A PERSON’S HAND) and it starts sliding away from him with this poor dude chasing after 🙂

Good Points:  The “Golem” looked pretty cool until it started to look like an over sized Bionicle action figure.

It’s really good for a laugh.  Especially if you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends, possibly getting stoned.

This movie comes with it’s own built in game called “Predictable Outcomes” in which you can guess what happens next :-)…and you’ll always be right

Bad Points:  I can’t say it’s bad because it does provide you with a bit of entertainment regardless of the fact that you will be making fun of it non-stop 🙂

What a load of crap……totally worth watching if you really need to laugh at somebody else’s mistakes for a change


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