I installed, and played Home Front on Sunday.  This is a really good game with a true to life storyline, excellent realism, fantastic graphics and all around Battlefield/ COD Modern Warfare feel.

This game is about Korea invading the states and what happens to the normal people.  Kind of like world war 2 all over again.  You play as this soldier who becomes part of a “rebel group” fighting against Korea.

My only problem with this game is that it is to damn short.  But i suppose if you account for everything it does have it does almost seem reasonable for the story to be so short.

The game play is really smooth, aiming is a breeze.  It’s realistic to a point that if you get shot, you really get shot.  It’s not like you can take 10 bullets and still walk around.  It’s more like 3 bullets and now you better take cover.

Another plus on the game is that John Milius who wrote the movies Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn wrote the script for Home Front.  That in itself give’s you immense cinematic game play

I haven’t tried the multi-player as i don’t have internet at home but i can only imagine that it is just as fun as BattleField.

If you enjoy online games i would recommend buying this game or pretty much if you’re a first person gamer then buy this game…..you know what…..JUST BUY THIS GAME….


2 comments on “HomeFront

  1. hey ,does the game include commandeering vehicles? I find that Battlefield is so much more lovable than COD when you can run people over 😀 . Battlefild 2 ( really old , I know ) was awesome fun on LAN multiplayer I remember.

    • no, you don’t commandeer vehicles 😦 the most you can do is point the “Goliath” in the right direction to shoot things and you’ll man a turret in a few vehicles. No actual driving though

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