Two and Half men Replacement

Two and a Half Men

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There are so many stories going around at the moment about who is going to replace Charlie Sheen in the hit TV show Two and a Half Men.

Two and  a half men is a show centered around Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) who is a typical stereotype of a male in a modern world.   (kind of like Fonzie) All he ever wants from women is sex.  (in my opinion) When his younger brother Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) gets kicked out of his house by his soon to be ex-wife Judith (Marin Hinkle) he goes to his brother for help.  Charlie allows his brother and son, Jake (Angus T. Jones) to stay at his house.  The whole show is primarily about a family that tries to get along with each other.  Alan being a soft wimp and having to deal with Charlie’s narcissistic attitude while dealing with a son who is starting to hit puberty and just to top it off, dealing with a divorce.

Charlie Sheen pulls this character off so well.  He is one of the best actors in comedy, but sadly he does have a tendency to go off the rails.  Recently Charlie Sheen had to go to rehab due to sever abuse of cocaine.  A few months after that he was admitted to hospital with sever abdominal pains and had to go on substance rehabilitation program at home.  At this point the show went on hiatus.

But it got worse, Charlie Sheen made derogatory comments about one the show’s creator’s Chuck Lorre.  This was the point of no return for the star.  He got fired from the show and  Warner Brother Studios then banned Charlie Sheen from even entering the lot.

This is in no way me name bashing Charlie Sheen or trying to point out his flaws nor am i defending him of anything.  The man clearly has a problem and it wasn’t fair on anybody.

It’s sad though because i love Charlie Sheen and i hate the fact that he’s gone down this road but we all have decisions to make and we have to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of rumors of stars that were going to replace Charlie Sheen including Hugh Grant (oh please).  Today i read which seemed pretty official, that Ashton Kutcher from that 70’s show is going to replace him.

While i also really like Ashton Kutcher, i don’t think any replacement would do the character good.  To me you can’t just replace a character with another actor.  I really think they should cut their losses and start a new show.

I will give Ashton a chance though because i have being proved wrong before, but i still can’t see this working to the full potential that everybody wants it to.

What do you guys think?


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