Battlefield: Los Angeles The Game

I installed, tested and played BattleField:  Los Angeles the game, last night.

(sigh :-() I was really looking forward to to playing this game because i thought it would be just as good as the movie.

Saying that it was  disappointing would be a massive understatement.  Even from when the game loaded its main menu, you could see straight away that this was going to suck.

The aliens look nothing like the aliens we saw in the movie, they actually look like those crab head things from the 3rd pirates film except they have a body attached to them.

The game controls are stiff, you can’t aim properly, there is hardly and physics in it and the worst part is, is that there is hardly any movie sequences in it.

The movies that I did see in the beginning of the game was a cartoon based image showing a news reporter talking about the assault on the beach and they have  pictures from the movie incorporated in the news display.  They didn’t even bother to animate the damn cartoon.  It’s just a static picture with the audio in the background.

The one nice thing about the game is that the textures are decent.  That is the only nice thing i can say about it.

I played 15min of this piece of shit before i decided to uninstall and play decent games.  Perhaps the game and the movie were both running under one budget and unfortunately the game had to get the left over cash.  And if that was the case then they shouldn’t have even attempted to create the game or they decided to jump on the bandwagon and milk it for everything that Battlefield: LA is worth.

So if you do play this game and you like it, great but just so you know there are by far much better games out there.



2 comments on “Battlefield: Los Angeles The Game

  1. Crap! I loved the movie. too bad though . Sadly most movie based games end up this way . On the other hand , games like mass effect 2 make the movies unnecessary 😀 .

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