Crysis 2

So i finally got Crysis 2 the other day…(i know that it’s been out for a while but South Africa is a bit slow on these things) and OMG, how cool is that game.:-)   It’s so much better than the first one.  Obviously i can’t really compare it to the first one in a sense because it is a bit old but fuck me what awesome imagery.

The textures are beautiful, the game play is smooth and you have the option to to play in 3d, not that i can use that function but its nice to know that i have a choice in the matter…

Just like the first Crysis game you inhabit the Nano Suit but i think its called the Nanon Suit 2 in this one.  Got all the same functions, eg: cloaking, power, speed and armor and they’ve got a kick ass movie that plays i think just after you get the suit which shows off all of its abilities.  The best thing for me regarding this game is the battle tactics.  You enable your visor and will show you points of interest i guess.   Like to the north 50m you can infiltrate .  to the right 20m there is ammo stock, to the left 45m you can flank them and so on and so forth.
You actually have to think, you can’t just barge in with guns blazing (which i love doing by the way), you need to take your time and strategize and then blow the dudes head off.

Seriously dudes, this is a game worth playing

Later Kiddies


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